"Nothing is so difficult that it cannot be accomplished by diligence." "The difficult in life is choice." "Champions believe in themselves, even when others do not." "Discovery lies seeing what everyone sees, but thinking what no one has tought." "Our task is to make ourselves architects of the future." "If your life is free of failures you're not taking enough risks." "If you want to succed and you prepare to do, you will achieve your dreams." "The key to achievement lies in being a How thinker, not an If thinker." "To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe."

"Two-thirds of business leaders are citing the shortage of talented personnel as the greatest barrier to growth for their companies. The labor pinch is mentioned twice as often as the state of the economy. And it is not just hurting technology companies. Companies have been quoted saying they are unable to respond to business needs as quickly as they'd like because they can't hire top talent fast enough."
Margot Finley, business partner of Gutman International


Thank you for your interest in Gutman International. Whether you are visiting us for the first time or you are one of the thirty retained clients we have worked with over the past four years, please know that your success through hiring the best and the brightest remains our first and foremost goal.

When I started in search more than 17 years ago, companies had much easier choices to make when deciding upon a strategy for recruitment. That landscape has changed dramatically, and most of that change has come about in the past years. The impetus of these changes of course is the internet, but the far reaching effects are that an awful lot of vendors are offering a wide variety of recruitment services with every interface, model and pricing structure imaginable. A recent article stated that there are over 25,000 recruitment web sites! Even for those of us who eat, drink and breathe this stuff, it is a full time job constantly staying on top of what is working, and what is not working.

The good news is that everyone now knows that attracting and retaining the best people is the best way to give your company a sharp competitive and profitable edge. The consternation I hear from technology companies is that they are overwhelmed with all the options, just to name a few: Resume banks, recruitment training programs, internet search engines, talent auctions, print or on-line advertising, search research, contract recruiters, on-line job fairs, acquisition models, internal vs. external recruiters, contingency search firms vs. retained search firms, referral programs, etc.

The truth of the matter is that recruitment solutions are of course not one size fits all. Let me help you identify and prioritize critical recruitment needs, profile the best places to find these key professionals, and then identify the best method to procure these people. Having a clear roadmap for talent acquisition will put you ahead of your competitors and will save you time, money and sleepless nights. Let us help you focus on your core competencies while we use our competency to your advantage.

If after identifying and planning your recruitment strategy, our firm can assist in any way, we will let you know honestly if and how we can help and in what capacity. If we're not the best resource for certain recruitment projects, we'll refer you to the right vendors who can help.
Think of me as your Chief Recruitment Officer. I'd like the opportunity to be on your team.

If after identifying and planning your recruitment strategy, our firm can assist in any way, we will let you know honestly if and how we can help and in what capacity. If we're not the best resource for certain recruitment projects, we'll refer you to the right vendors who can help.

Think of me as your Chief Recruitment Officer. I'd like the opportunity to be on your team.

Yours sincerely,

Zoltan Gutman
Managing Director




Our company

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce our company and to offer our services to you.

Our firm, Gutman International has specialized in management consulting for big, multinational companies doing business in Hungary. Our clients are mainly manufacturing companies' Hungarian sites where the local management needs service provided by local firms.

Primarily we deal with direct search. The search done by Gutman International is therefore quick and the results are reliable.

Recruiting the most suitable candidates needs up-to-date information on the candidate's experiences in that particular profession, in his/her personality. The above mentioned information are especially soon and updated at your disposal.

We are in connection with many people who are highly qualified, good professionals, who speak languages, could be an employee for your company and could be a partner in helping to reach your aims.

When we obtain professionals for you, we prefer the so called High Performance People. Those who have clear objectives, are interested in meeting the obligations, are interested in achieving the best, and know their qualities as well.

Gutman Jobs    Gutman Jobs


Hungary Plastic BOS Automotive Products Calida Magyarország Kft.
Cardo Bútorgyártó Kft. HTM Formenbau Werkzeugbau Kft. Wiedenmann Kft
Michels Kábelkonfekcionáló Kft. Witronic Hungary Kft. Ford Hungary Kft.
Hammerstein Kft. Oskar Voltz Kft. / Voltz Hungaria Bt. Lear Corporation Hungary Kft.
Amstel Sörgyár Rt. Siewer Kft. / ITW Siewer Kft. Móritec Kft.
Zytec Hungary Elektronikai Kft. IBM Storage Products Kft. Dr. Oetker Magyarország Kft.
HB-Plastic Kft. Kaufmann Rugógyár Kft. AMB Components Hungary Bt.
Amoco Fabrics Kft. Edag Hungary Kft. Josef Mellert GmbH
Protec Kft. VAW Aluminiumtechnika Kft Federal Mogul Sealing Systems Kft.
Lamex Metal Kft. Oroszlányi Gépjavító Kft. Kaco Hungary Kft.
Wolf Plastics Kft. Kreativ Marketing Kft. Pannon Gabona Rt.
Lear Corporation Slovakia s.r.o. Finnpower Kft. Finnpro Hungary
Alcoa Fujikura Ltd. Sama SFS Intec Kft.
Keiper Recaro Hungary Kft. Mecanova Kft. Helkama Forste Kft.
Dana Hungary Kft. GE Europe ISAF S.p.A. (Air Liquide Welding)
Johnson Controls Gestamp CarInside
Hörmann Roto Certa Pridgeon&Clay
Payer Gedia Ungarn Hefter Hungary Kft.
Kirchhoff Hungaria Kft. KÜHNE + NAGEL Magyarország Kft.  


Gutman Tanácsadó Kft   Gutman Tanácsadó Kft




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Gutman Zoltan
Managing director
E-mail: gutman@gutmanjobs.hu
Phone: +36 70-677-2482; +36 20-247-9673



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Így a két kft. együttműködése által a klasszikus szakember kiválasztás mellett immár egy teljesen új management eszközzel állunk az Önök rendelkezésére.

Engedjék meg, hogy röviden bemutassam a Hungarian Interim Management Kft.-t:

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Az interim menedzsment "know-how-on-time" alapon menedzsment kapacitást biztosít, azaz az interim menedzsment lényegében egy irányítási eszköz, amely járulékos menedzsment erőforrásokat és szaktudást biztosít egy meghatározott időszakra.

Speciális menedzsment tapasztalatot nyújt, amikor hiány, váratlan menedzsment kapacitás probléma vagy speciális feladat, projekt megoldása válik szükségessé egy cég, egy vállalkozás életében, legyen szó 3 hónapról vagy 12 hónapról.

Az interim menedzsment eszköztárával ezeket a különleges, rendkívüli vagy váratlan helyzeteket lehet gazdaságosan és hatékonyan kezelni.

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Az ügyfelektől érkezett visszajelzések közül itt csak egyet emelnék ki: kiemelkedő költséghatékonyság: a teljes költség összehasonlításban operatív napokra átszámítva minimum 15-20 % megtakarítás érhető el, és nincsenek rejtett költségek, ez nem bérköltség.

Az interim managementről többet megtudhat a Hungarian Interim Management Kft. honlapján, ezért kérem, hogy látogassa meg a www.interimmanagement.hu címet.

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